Science and Religion as Worldviews

My Beliefs

 This blog is about science and religion, not science vs. religion. It is about my beliefs of science and religion as worldviews. Remember my blogs have been promoting a collective worldview that is open and inclusive in order to change the direction the world is heading.    My question is: “Are the science and religion worldviews open and inclusive?” I believe science presents an open-minded, partial view of the world; I believe religion presents a closed-minded, exclusive view of the world.

Science: The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Religion: A belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe. (Dictionary). These two worldviews, which profoundly influence our lives, will both need to be expanded if they are to be open and inclusive. A worldview is: A collection of beliefs about life and the universe; an overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. Science is open-minded because it seeks to be objective and it is partial because the scientific method cannot solve the non physical problems such as human consciousness, spirituality and the interconnectedness of everything to everything else. Religion is closed-minded because it relies on faith rather than evidence and it is exclusive because there are many, separate religious worldviews; and each religious version is the only one that is true.

Science and religion were both invented by humans — in that sense they are both subjective worldviews. Science and religion did not exist before human consciousness created them; we must not forget that. Since they were invented we have learned a lot about the world, the universe, the planet earth, the sun, the human brain, mind and body. What we have learned should make a difference in our current science and religious worldviews — if these worldviews are open to new learning.

It seems clear that science, religion, beliefs and all subjectivity are products of human consciousness. But this presents a strange irony. Science and religion were both created by human consciousness yet neither science nor religion knows what human consciousness is. I believe we need more than an expanded science and religion. We need a hard-to-define relationship with the mystery of life. Maybe that is what spirituality is.

Science plus religion, as they are, cannot provide us with an open and inclusive collective worldview. I believe we need something else. Maybe what is missing is a collective worldview with a better understanding of spirituality and/or human consciousness. And a  desire to investigate ways of comprehending interconnectedness’ and of achieving the common good — changing the direction the world is heading. Or maybe complete understanding will remain a mystery.

All worldviews are based on human beliefs and knowledge. To me, this raises the question: “Do you and I have a worldview that is open and inclusive?”




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3 Responses to  Science and Religion as Worldviews

  1. says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read this and compare with what you did before. I’ll take it with me to Ca. and talk to you when we get together. Hopefully, we get out tomorrow but at this point it is pretty terrible here—high winds! Marianne

  2. Eugene Unger says:

    Oh my deeply loved friend. You are right Science and religion are not open. Science is based on theories that mans brain has developed and not totally proved. Religions are based on mans brain and systems of belief that can not be proved. Faith in Gods existence and that of Jesus Christ are not a religion. Faith is a guiding light for the individual to embrace or or reject . You my friend may not have experienced faith. It would seem that you see faith as a religion and have a closed minded sense of what you believe. We are both approaching the end of life and love as we know it. What do you believe in? What supports your life . Why are you still here? You are loved. Believe God loves you until you take your last breath . He is waiting for you to open your heart to have a personal relationship with Him and His Son Jesus. Let’s not bother to discuss open mindedness. The perceptions we hold are ours . I will be praying for you H each day as long as I live. This is not an intellectual pursuit. This is a pursuit of the heart. Your loving friend. Gene

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  3. Eugene Unger says:

    Just another thought, ” open mindedness is like gathering rain with a strainer” very little sticks and does not quench the thirst. Shared with love. Gene

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