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What’s Yours? Seek first to understand, then to be understood.  Stephen Covey Most of us are ready to tell others what we think, but slow to find out what others think. Stephen Covey’s famous quote above (1989) attacks the human … Continue reading

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Reality Isn’t What It Used To Be

Maybe It Never Was  American devotion to religious and intellectual freedom, over the centuries,                          morphed into a fierce entitlement to custom made reality. Kurt Anderson Once upon a time the sun was rotating around the flat earth which was 6,000 … Continue reading

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Is It Tribalism? As they (the founding fathers of America) conceived of a new society that would protect                 the individual rights of all humanity, they explicitly excluded a second tribe among them: African –American slaves.  Andrew Sullivan * To be … Continue reading

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Unwanted Consequences  When making a decision, be sure to ask: “What Else Could Happen?”  When taking medicine, unintended consequences sometimes happen. When making decisions, unintended consequences sometimes happen. Taking medicine produces side effects that can’t always be predicted so we … Continue reading

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Positive Uncertainty  It may have happened, it may not have happened but it could have happened.                 Mark Twain      Life is full of possibilities; so is my writing. This blog is the result of my … Continue reading

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