About This Blog

My blog is about the confidence we have in the way we see things and do things and why we need to adopt a mind set or mental perspective of positive uncertainty. My theme continues to be: The minute you make up your mind that the way you see things makes a difference, it will make a difference in the way you see things and do things. Believing that the way you see things makes a difference makes you more likely to pay attention to the way you see things. That is the purpose of my blog.

Although people usually believe that the way they see things is the way things are, I propose that we be uncertain about what we see yet positive about the uncertainty because it makes us more open-minded and receptive to new ways of seeing things. And it provides opportunity for doing different things. Certainty eliminates doubt, prevents open-mindedness and leads to closed-minded, unreceptive dogma. I write about the benefit of doubt and the danger of dogma.

1 Response to About This Blog

  1. Rich Feller says:

    HB…love your new book …such a good reminder of how you saw and shaped the field and my thinking…warm regards rich

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