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DO WE BELIEVE THE TRUTH? Or Do We Believe Our Beliefs?  H B Gelatt    We prefer to believe what we prefer to be true. Francis bacon   Do you believe that what you believe is true? The answer is … Continue reading

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Belieiving and Seeing

Believing and Seeing Two Reasons For Uncertainty H B Gelatt   Believing is seeing and seeing is doing. What you believe is the result of your unreliable subjectivity. What you see is the result of your fallible perception. How can … Continue reading

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Knowing, Not Knowing and Making It Up

KNOWING, NOT KNOWING AND MAKING IT UP  Illuminating Our Blind Spots H B Gelatt    My title comes from Kathryn Schulz’s book, Being Wrong, 2010, which is about “error blindness” — when falsehoods are invisible to us. I am writing … Continue reading

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