Who Is In Favor Of it?

Common good is a good that is shared and beneficial to all (or most).

Common ground is a foundation for mutual understanding.

 Is promoting the common good and finding common ground the goal of the US democracy today? Should it be? Can it be? Is finding common ground and promoting the common good by politicians AND the voters to create a positive future for this country possible?

This is a practice test in case of an emergency. In a real emergency you would have been given instructions about what to do. Since, apparently this is not an emergency, no one is giving instructions. Someone needs to declare this an emergency.

Promoting the common good and general welfare is said to be the goal of a democracy. Our government claims to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. It doesn’t say which people or for all the people. Unless the answers to the practice test questions above produce a majority of people and politicians who are in favor of common ground and the common good, I would say we have a democratic emergency. So it may be that the best way to change the direction this country is going is to declare an emergency and offer instructions for change. Who will do it?

The Common Good is a non-profit, non-partisan reform coalition that strives to inspire broad participation in our democracy through the free exchange of ideas and civil dialogue and seeks to find ways to bridge the growing divisions that threaten our nation. It believes that individual responsibility, not mindless bureaucracy, must be the organizing principle of government. It is dedicated to finding common ground and, through forums and initiatives, encourages the civic engagement so essential for a thriving democracy. This reform coalition no doubt needs help. Who will help?

What is the organizing principle of government today? Can common ground and common good ever be common in politics? Who will declare an emergency and provide the instructions for what to do? Will it be congress, corporations, the Supreme Court or us? This IS a real test, because there is an emergency. And the results might determine the future of democracy in America.

If not us, who?   If not now, when?


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  1. Gene Unger says:

    Great work H ! Thought provoking. See u and Carol tues. California Cafe, 12:30. Rose and I are looking forward to our time together. G

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