Rehearsing It

Scenario Rehearsal: “a description of what could possibly happen,” Dictionary

One of my favorite strategies for making decisions when creating the future is scenario planning, sometimes called scenario rehearsal. This is a process of imagining a series of alternative future possibilities. What if this? What if that?

To rehearse something is to: “perceive (something) by the senses; become aware of; to grasp the meaning of; understand,” Dictionary. The key to scenario rehearsal is to realize that rehearsal is not reality. Its purpose is to consider alternative possibilities for creating your future reality. But first you have to believe you can create your future. Remember: “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: Those who make it happen, those who let it happen, and those who wonder what happened,” John N. Richardson. If you are the kind that let the future happen or wonder what happened, you are not the kind that is creating your future. 

I have written a lot about creating one’s future reality. This quote has been my theme song: “the future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating,” John Schaar, a futurist. To play a role in making your future happen, means to first decide what you want your future to be (and then remember my favorite personal quote: “your image of the future may be the most important factor in determining what your future will be.” This is why scenario rehearsal is so important. Rehearsing the future is a way of sensing it. 

The future doesn’t exist; it needs to be created. You have two choices, create it or let someone else create it. I am aware that you are not always the one who can make your future happen. But: “if you think you can, you might; if you think you can’t, you’re right.” If you are the kind that of person who “lets the future happen,” the future will happen while you are watching. 

Preparing for the future involves imagining what the future might be, deciding what you want it to be, and determining if you believe you can make it happen. Your belief about how much future influence you have will determine how much influence you will employ. Your belief will determine what you do. Believing is seeing is doing. Therefore, first determine how much influence you believe you have in determining what your future will be. Then remember, this belief will determine what you do.

Preparing for the future and rehearsing it is a process of examining the way you see things. Scenario rehearsal involves what is already in your mind. What is already in your mind is your beliefs — and this determines the way you see things. Rehearsing the way you see things determines the way you do things. Your future is ahead of you, but your way of seeing things is within you. 

“What is behind your eyes holds more power than what is in front of them.”

~ Gary Zukav

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