Trump Does Positive Certainty

One of Trump’s strengths, grows out of the fact that “people hate ambiguity,” and if there is one thing Trump is not, it’s ambiguous, Bicchieri Cristina.

It is obvious that Trump is never uncertain; there is never ambiguity. He is always sure of what he says today. Tomorrow he may change his mind and say something different, but then tomorrow is certain. Things are “true” one day and they are “untrue” the next day, but on both days he will have the same belief of certainty. Doubt doesn’t seem to exist in Trump’s mind. Doubt is the beginning, not the end of wisdom, George Iles.

The reason this works for Trump is that people don’t like uncertainty or ambiguity. Trump is never uncertain. Trump doesn’t say maybe; he says yes or no, one day or another. But the next day, he doesn’t admit he said yes yesterday; it is definitely no today. Some people (Trump supporters) seem to prefer positive certainty over truth. The truth is often tentative, and who wants to be tentative? Truth could be bad news; and who wants bad news?

Trump’s ability to convey certainty, even when saying things that are demonstrably false, is critically important in persuading supporters to believe and vote for him. He is always sure of what he says, when he sends a message, he is always sure, Bicchieri noted. He may change his mind and say “things are black one day and they are white” the next day, but on both days he will have the same strength of certainty.

In an email, Bicchieri cited research that shows: political conservatism being negatively correlated with tolerance to uncertainty. This supports, she said, the general notion that conservative voters would enjoy Trump’s simple ‘certain’ declarations about the world. So what does this mean about the coming election? It means truth will have to prevail.

Will it? During the first three years in office, Trump tallied over 20,000 falsehoods. That was just the beginning. This means that in the coming election Trump will continue with falsehoods; probably with acceleration. This also means that uncertainty needs to become acceptable. The need to know causes people to dislike uncertainty. However, when truth is unlikely, uncertainty is needed. However, people will believe to be true what they want to be true. Trump has remained popular with his voters with falsehoods galore. Can this strategy keep him popular? Maybe.

The leader of the free world needs to be someone who is capable making up their mind by acknowledging uncertainty and the benefit of doubt. Truth matters, but truth may not be known. I don’t think I have to remind my readers of the many benefits of doubt. But I will. To doubt is a method. It gets you to ask questions, to inquire, to wonder. Questions lead to answers; certainty leads nowhere. I think you can say that voting for Trump is voting for someone who never doubts, never is uncertain, and who is always positively certain. Truth is what Trump says it is. So far, Trump is certain about his falsehoods and mis-leading claims. Trump is positive about his certainty. He says a lot of things that aren’t true. He is either lying or ignorant. Which is worse?

Mark Twain Explains Donald Trump:

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

The Elephant In The Room: Narcissistic personality disorder.

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  1. EUGENE UNGER says:

    Politics is uncertainty! Everybody lies or let’s say adjusts the truth. “Truth is gone”. Maybe never been here! Stay out of politics! That’s a positive direction. As an exercise, name a political figure that never adjusted the truth? Maybe lies are just uncertain thoughts. Hahahaha. Your friend no vote gene

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  2. Marianne Fontana says:

    I am with you on this blog. Sorry not to have answered sooner. It is such a dreadful time with the lies spewing from Trump. As Gene says all politicians adjusts the truth at times but not so willfully as Trump does. I don’t think he even knows what he says is not true because he is not mentally well. Pretty terrifying to have the leader of the free world creating an unfree world.

    • hbgelatt says:


      Thanks for the responses to my recent blogs. You are the only one who responds. Gene doesn’t any more. I think no response is common. I enjoy writing them and it keeps me busy.

      I agree we have a mentally ill president. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Have you and Al settled in enough to know what it going to be like?

      H B


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