Something Different To Do 

 Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.                      Albert Einstein

Staying at home means doing lots of things you don’t usually do. This blog is offering something different to do. I am presenting some thoughts of wisdom from those wiser than me that have influenced my wisdom beliefs. I thought this might give others something to do while staying home that might be different, interesting, entertaining and maybe educational. And then I am asking, what do you think?

I am the wisest of all the Greeks, for I alone know that I know nothing, Socrates.

Historically in America this Socrates quote has been considered the foundation of wisdom. I do not believe I am the wisest; but I don’t believe I know nothing. I think I am wiser than I was, because of my uncertainty. What do you think?

Doubt is the beginning not the end of wisdom, George Illes.

Socrates would agree. I believe my uncertainty gives me the benefit of doubt. I think my uncertainty makes me wise because not being certain keeps me open-minded. I think my uncertain beliefs about my wisdom and my aging can be helpful, in my future, if I learn from those wiser, and keep learning. What do you think?

 To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but to be certain is to be ridiculous. Socrates                                                           

Ridiculous may be a little too strong; but to be certain is at least unwise in today’s environment of constant and rapid change. I believe being uncomfortable while being uncertain makes me more vigilant and discerning. It keeps me open-minded. What do you think?

To be wise has changed from being able to answer the questions                                       to being able to question the answers, Unknown.

Asking questions is the result of uncertainty and is the virtue of open-mindedness. A closed mind (certainty) has answers, not questions. A lot of opinions have been written about wisdom; and I have read a lot that has been written. I think beliefs about wisdom have changed because of asking questions. What do you think?

Can you describe your process of acquiring wisdom?

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, Aristotle.

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  1. EUGENE UNGER says:

    Wisdom is self perceived waiting for confirmation . Stay healthy my friend

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  2. Great article and very good selection of quotes from one of my favorite philosopher! Thanks for sharing those. The last one you selected is quite deep. I have spent some time thinking about this concept of uncertainty and wrote a blog article about it titled ‘The Art of Living in Uncertain Times’ – Feel free to check it out!

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