The Wonder Of Wholeness

 Self-interest and other interests are reciprocal.  Marilyn Ferguson

Today with COVID-19 we are asked to practice “social distancing.”  The more accurate practice is “physical distancing.” To reduce the spread of the virus and thereby flattening the curve, we need to physically distance ourselves by sheltering in place, and when we need to go for essentials, keeping six or more feet apart from others with whom we do not live.

During this time we actually need to practice, even strengthen, social connections. What does this mean? I think trying to answer that question requires us to rely on the dictionary. Social means relating to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations; marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with friends or associates.  

Being social means interconnectedness and interdependence. Interconnectedness has always been a sticky problem for me in my writing for over 30 years promoting an open and inclusive collective worldview. And still the inclusive part, the fact that everything is interconnected, is difficult for me to completely understand. Today, especially today, we all need to try to understand human interconnectedness better.

Quantum physics says that everything is interconnected in an unbroken wholeness  .  And that the whole is equal to more than the sum of its parts. Everything and the wholeness are the parts that are hard to comprehend. This means you and I, and everyone else, are interconnected. This means all human races are interconnected. All nations, even “separate” political parties are interconnected, everything.

The coronavirus has made us more aware of interconnectedness and wholeness. Physical distancing does not eliminate social interconnectedness, our human wholeness. We find all kinds of ways to interconnect, at a distance. And this reveals our interdependence.

Closing restaurants, parks, stores, theaters, etc. reduces physical contact, but doesn’t eliminate social interconnected interdependence. There are all kinds of examples how these connections continue, and how self-interest and other interests are reciprocal. We are all in this together and united we stand.

It takes a whole village.

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  1. Marianne Fontana says:

    In a way, the show of interconnectedness is more evident now. We depend on what we can eat by what the grocers have been able to stock and all that goes into that. Our health depends on how responsible the other person is in keeping a distance and wearing a mask. Connections with people on Zoom and the like, make it possible to communicate with friends and family–and it goes on. This was a thought provoking blog.

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