The H B Method

 A hypothesis may be simply defined as a guess.                                                                                A scientific hypothesis is an intelligent guess. Isaac Asimov

It is ok to think of your hypothesis belief as an intelligent guess, even if it isn’t scientific; because a guess is always tentative. A tentative guess is uncertain and I consider it a positive uncertainty. Hypothesis testing is the scientific method. This is why I am promoting the H B Method.

The dictionary defines a hypotheses as something taken to be true for the purpose of argument or investigation; an assumption. I have been writing about beliefs, hypotheses, assumptions and the way we see things. In this blog I am defining my beliefs and the way I think I should see things as a hypothesis (The H B Method). And, of course, the way I believe everyone else should see things. Believing is seeing.

Today’s political discourse emphasizes the need for hypothesis believing. The president isn’t the only example, but he is the best, or biggest. Donald Trump has no place for hypothesis believing. In fact he has no place for believing, he only knows “his truth”. We don’t expect politicians to be hypothesis believers. But what should we expect from the American public? In a democracy the voters should want to know the “nothing but the truth”.

Hypothesis testing is, of course, a scientific practice,  not a common practice of human consciousness. Human believing has all the problems of subjectivity, credulity,cognitive biases and ignorance. Not to mention the current popularity of false facts, alternative facts, misinformation, truthiness, post-truth, etc.

I admit I don’t expect the H B Method to become popular, or even noticed; certaintly not in politics. It is well known that humans usually believe to be true what we want to be true. It is also known that we prefer certainty and dislike uncertainty. The major feature of the H B Method is that it promotes positive uncertainty and open-mindedness. Uncertainty is the prerequisite and the product of an open mind. Hypothesis Believing is believing with a mind open to study and new learning. The opposite of the H B Method is the Dogma Method, a closed mind. Dogmatic believing eliminates doubt, questions and investigations. Hypothesis believing acknowledges uncertainty, leads to investigation, discussion and new learning.

The truth is we cannot avoid uncertainty. This not knowing is part of the adventure. Pema Chodron




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  1. EUGENE UNGER says:

    It would seem , some of the folks running for president on the democratic ticket believe strongly in your Hypothetical believing ! There is Hope

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marianne Fontana says:

    I cannot be open minded about the disaster of our present administration. The facts are too strong that decisions by this president are leading us to environmental disaster as well as total loss of belief in honesty he shows.

  3. Rich Feller says:

    thanks HB…found this blog very relevant to my need for openness…have a great year

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