Develop Your Sense Of Awe And Doubt

 Dictionary Definitions of Wonder: awe, admiration, marvel; a feeling of doubt

Wonder is powerful because it has multiple definitions, it is both a noun and a verb. And it describes powerful contrary feelings. Do you ever wonder? If so, is it a feeling of doubt or admiration? Or both? Wonder has been an important part of my lifestyle and my writing. Positive uncertainty means doubt. And my view of nature and human nature is full of awe.

I am writing about wonder because it describes the condition of the way we see things: complicated and amazing. The way we see things is complicated because sometimes it is full of admiration and sometimes there is doubt. Admiration is a “wonder full” feeling; doubt is not. Wonder is amazing because it has such empowerment.

Being in awe and being in doubt are two different feelings. This is the empowerment of wonder. Having the power to marvel about the world we live in and the power to consider changing it is empowering. More dictionary definitions:

Wonder, the noun:  a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Wonder, the verb:  desire to be curious to know something; to think about things in a questioning and sometimes doubting way.

I believe an admiration of nature and human nature is a requirement for the future of human kind. And, as you probably already know, I believe doubt is also a requirement. But doubt is uncertainty and uncertainty is not well liked. Certainty is admired. Certainty leaves no room for change. My solution is “positive uncertainty”.

Today we are in the holiday season. This is always a time for awe; and sometimes for doubt. It seems obvious that to be in awe and to be in doubt are at least positive attributes anytime. If you wonder about something, you think about it, either because it impresses you or interests you with awe and you want to know more about it, or because you have some doubts about it, and want to know more about it.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.  Socrates

 Philosophy begins in wonder. Plato





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  1. Marianne Fontana says:

    As always a very thoughtful message. I like the doubt and awe combination. We, or I, am trying to look more often at awe. This morning we had had snow, and all of the trees and shrubs are covered with fresh snow. It is warm now and melting, but we watched out the back at the many different birds at the feeder. The sun came out and made all of the branches of trees and bushes shine with the snow. It was awesome, and I had no doubt that life does have its moments of beauty and awe.
    I miss talking more with you.

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