An Outbreak Of Belief Bias                                                                                                               Bias: A personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment; prejudice.                                  Usually in a way considered to be unfair. Dictionary

The way you see things is the way yousee things; and it is probably biased. One reason everyone doesn’t see things the same way is because of different personal belief biases. Believing is seeing and what we see and do is determined by what we believe.  We all have belief biases, and they aren’t all the same. This means you and I have them.

In today’s world, it seems people are more likely to accept the fact that biases exist everywhere, sometimes even their own. This sounds like a bias epidemic.

Republicans are expected to have a conservative political bias. Democrats are expected to have a liberal political bias. We know this and we expect them to know this. We know that the Supreme Court has conservative and liberal biases. We know that the founders of The United States of America had racial and sexist biases. We are learning that the medical profession has a history of bias (elderly, childhood, women, minorities, etc.). We expect corporations, organizations, retail business and advertisers to be biased. And it should be pointed out that never in America have we had a president, commander in chief, that is more personally and socially biased. His personality has been described as self-serving, grandiosity, lack of empathy, need for admiration, and containing many of the cognitive biases listed below. This means we are observing belief bias behavior every day. We see, hear and participate in this bias epidemic constantly.

Personal, public, political and group biases exist because of subjectivity. Subjective is defined as: proceeding from or taking place within a person’s mind such as to be unaffected by the external world. In other words, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up.” People or organizations don’t make up their minds with facts from the  external world. They make up their minds with biased beliefs.

Wikipedia has identified 102 cognitive biases. Many of these are well-known. Confirmation bias, Overconfidence bias, Hindsight bias, Bandwagon bias, Self-serving bias, Ingroup bias. Notice that by definition a bias is a prejudice and usually considered to be unfair. Therefore, I think you could say that the bias epidemic in America is contributing to an epidemic of unfairness.

So this belief bias epidemic is a problem for America today. It doesn’t take much wisdom to point out the problem. While the problem seems obvious, a solution requires each one of us looking at the way we see things. This is the goal of my Process of Illumination and positive uncertainty decision making strategy.  But I am not sure of the potential.

Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true. Francis Bacon  .


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2 Responses to A BIAS EPIDEMIC     

  1. Marianne Fontana says:

    I thought I knew what a bias is, but I was surprised to learn there are 102 biases. I wonder about all biases being unfair. I have a bias that says animals need to be treated with care and respect–just as people should be treated. Not all people think that, so is it a bias or not? I do understand that I have unfair biases when it comes to what I think about Trump. Trump is not just evil, he is mentally unstable probably from his childhood and upbringing. But it doesn’t help me not fear his governing and what he is doing to the planet. I don’t think that is unfair. I have facts to back that “belief” so maybe it is not a bias. Obviously, you created a blog that gave me some “food for thought”.

    • hbgelatt says:


      Thanks again for your response. You, Gene and Bob Leon are the only ones who respond to my blogs. They verbally. Notice by definition, bias is considered unfair. Always good to hear from you. Hi to Al

      Carol and I continue doing fine. Isn’t that remarkable?

      H B


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