Teaching Others What I Need To Learn 

Those of us who are writers work out our stuff in public, even under the  guise of pretending to write about someone else. In other words, we try to teach what it is that we really need to learn. David Brooks, in The Second Mountain, 2019

The above recent quote by David Brooks is the reason I am writing this blog. By now, I have written over 200 blogs. By now, you would think that I would know why I am writing. It would probably be typical to say I am writing for others; to enhance their knowledge, understanding and competence. It would be me, passing on my wisdom to them. But it would probably be an exaggerated opinion (a personal bias).

Somewhere along the way, maybe after 100 blogs, I was trying to convince myself that I was writing for me. Brooks’ quote now has given me a good convincing explanation. I am, of course, constantly learning from my preliminary reading and while composing my blogs. Learning has always been high on my list of qualities for personal growth and development. In my beginning I had many years of personal education, including two graduate degrees, learning from others. And then I had experiences educating others, with roles of teacher, speaker, workshop leader and author of articles and books,  My blog writing returns me to my former role of primary learner. I am now writing to learn.

What does this mean to me? Because very few of my blog readers respond and give feedback (I realize this is typical), I don’t know what others get from my reading. Maybe they also learn. But I do know what I get; I learn what I really need to learn. I have learned that I don’t always practice what I preach, or practice what I blog. I have learned that blogging about positive uncertainty and promoting a collective worldview that is open and inclusive, is probably not making much difference in the worldviews of the population. I have learned that preparing for and writing my blogs is what keeps my mind and brain working and is what I enjoy doing.

Because I believe that “Beliefs R Us” (believing is seeing and doing), and because beliefs are what I write about mostly, I have to challenge myself constantly about what I believe. And I have to challenge myself constantly to be uncertain. Some times I change my mind. Sometimes I am sure I don’t avoid some of my cognitive biases. Blog writing makes me constantly think about what I am thinking. I blog to learn and to get inspiration, motivation and perspective. Blog writing keeps me mentally active and I get the joy of a completed task.

I write to discover what I think. Daniel Boorstin


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