Can They Pretend They Don’t See?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  Bob Dylan

How many times must a president tell a lie, before we know he isn’t truthful? How many times must a president display incompetence, before we see him as incompetent? How many times must a republican congress ignore the presidential unfitness, before they declare him unfit?  The answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind. Apparently enough politicians aren’t willing or capable of grabbing those answers. Are they being unwilling or incapable is the crucial issue. Incapable means not able to know the answers to what is wrong. Unwilling means knowing what is wrong but not admitting it.

The answers that are blowing in the wind are maybe being caught by others who are not in The White House or in Congress. How many times can the public observe unfitness, unwillingness and/or incompetence in government before they can see? Current events suggest that now may be the time. Maybe, finally, too much is too much.

It seems obvious that the voting public can no longer wait for the elected politicians to  wake up and see. Democracy is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. The people are soon to be given a chance to make democracy become real.

We may have reached a time when too many times has occurred. Voters may be catching the answers in the wind and voting accordingly. We will see.



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4 Responses to HOW MANY TIMES

  1. Cynthia Schroeder says:

    Oh my, HB your “Positive Uncertainty” writing today has caused me to weep…It is so powerful poignant and “right on” truthful! Thank you for your commitment to sharing your truth(s!) and your thoughtful considerations, questions, wonderings over the long haul and especially right now before this upcoming and important election. I have only recently entered the era of what I think of as becoming an “elder” and I am truly thankful for being connected to you, a true full-blown elder (!) with whom I have shared the journey of life since I was 12 years old…
    I have been shedding many tears over the past days, faithfully listening to and watching on line “Democracy Now” (where Noam Chomsky is a frequent contributor ) and listening to and watching Chris Hedges an activist who is my contemporary and who is as brilliant, passionate and challenging as Chomsky with a focus on the “ending of Empire”, i.e. ours. related to the evolution of corporate power which seems to essentially now “own” our country, our government and probably the entirety of the world in the most significant of ways. Hedges perspective is not one of blame, rather that of investigation and he is a vigorous, committed voice to what is evident in our national tragedy and the world-wide co-option of life as we know it by power elites by greed, violence, xenophobia, oppression and racism etc. He has stated, in so many words-hope has two beautiful daughters–anger and courage–anger at how things are and courage to change them. A Hedges quote:”The power of resistance has a moral force and to resist is a moral action”
    Though I continue to weep as I write in your blog, HB, I feel it is such a blessing to be sharing these ideas and thoughts with you. The tears are made up of my great sadness and grief for what is happening in our country and on our beautiful planet, and they are an expression of solidarity with those who suffer (e.g. the improvished and threatened caravan of Central Americans winding their grueling way to our national borders and are being labeled, so cruelly and expediently by the Administration as posing a threat of invasion), and those who fight the good fight for truth, including our beloved elders such as yourself.
    I will finish this long and heartfelt response to your posting today by one more relevant “story”. Washington State has a history of being fairly progressive. Just recently (and right after the tragic events at the Synagogue) the Governor, Jay Inslee, sent an e-mail which to me was an important and dynamic comment to the citizens of our state. He started the e-mail with the following poem:

    Do not be daunted by the enormity of the World’s grief.
    Do justly now.
    Love mercy, now.
    Walk humbly, now.
    You are not obligated to complete the work,
    but neither are you free to abandon it.
    -The Talmud


  2. Marianne says:

    Very good blog using the words to blowing in the wind. I think Congress is unwilling, anyway the Republicans are. They are so afraid of what Trump will do to them. He destroys people’s careers and their whole reputation if he wants to punish one who goes against him. I am so praying that both houses turns, but I’m afraid both or one won’t.

  3. Eugene Unger says:

    🐵🙈🙊🐒 which one is me? Which one is you ? I’m surprised of your observation ? Employment figures should be enough. Wages , down or up ? North Korea better or worse? NAFTA better or worse ? Name one thing that previous congress and leadership did for for the American people that made their lives better? Open minded in deed. Do I like The president. He seems to be unlikeable ! Is our country better today than three years ago? We need to take the stench of politics out of our noses and use our good senses to observe with open minds. Are we as country better ? Trump may have ruined his chances to be a great president by the negative depths of his personality . But, his work for America not his speeches will have a lasting effect on the world. Some good some well , we will see Still your friend I hope



  4. Beth Lyon says:

    Yep, fingers crossed.

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