How To Outlive A Chevrolet

 The four things that makes us die are bad design, bad accidents, bad maintenance, and aging. Exactly the same as if you were a Chevrolet.  Walter Bortz

Over 20 years ago I used this Bortz’s quotation in workshops on “Using The Wisdom Of Aging.”  Coleader Marianne Clark/Fontana and I used the theme of “Living the inner journey.” The inner journey is what you and I have that the Chevrolet doesn’t have. Aging is a more serious problem for a Chevrolet because, although it can have more of its aging parts replaced than I can, it doesn’t have a built-in renewal mechanism of personal perspective (beliefs and attitude) that you and I have. Humans have a brain, mind and consciousness that defines us as humans. It gives us the power to outlive a Chevrolet.

I have been writing about my aging for many years. This blog gives me a chance to feature Bortz’s interesting quote. He makes it easy to see that we, as humans possess something a Chevrolet doesn’t have. We have the ability to determine our own self- maintenance and a human mind to help us be involved in creating our future.

Of course, having good design, good maintenance, and no bad accidents is also helpful to good aging. But a positive, open-minded perspective with a personal belief system that is interested in continuing to grow is also helpful. Your personal perspective can’t solve all of your aging problems, but it can prevent some of them.

When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re not.   Ray Kroc

I have used the following poem to close many of my speeches and workshops in the past. It may be a fitting closure for this blog.

Reverse Living

Author Unknown*

Here is one’s person’s view of what would happen if we lived our lives backward.

 Life is tough. It takes up all of your time, all your weekends, and what do you get at the end of it? Death — a great reward.

 The life cycle is backwards. You should die first, get it over with, get it out of the way. Then you live for twenty years in an old-age home. You get kicked out when you’re too young. You get a god watch; you go to work.

 You work forty years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You go to college, you do drugs, alcohol, you party until you’re ready for high school, then grade school. You become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb.

 You spend your last nine months just floating, and you finish off as a gleam in someone’s eye.

*From: A Whack on the Sid

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