The Process Of Self- Renewal

Life is the endless process of self-discovery. John Gardner

This blog is my review of a series of my essays, “The Reinvention of H B”, in 1983, 1997 and 2011. I was 57, 71 and 84 years old when I felt a need to write these essays. Somehow I had a 14 year itch to stop and reflect. I believe you are never too old and you are never too young to pause and reflect. In fact this has been a theme of all my writing. Growing up is a process of constant learning. To discover is to learn; reinvention is a learning process. The goal of growing older is to avoid becoming grown up. Consider it an on-going process of constant self-renewal.

The “Reinvention Of H B Again and Again” was because of this Will Roger’s quote:  Even if you are on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there. These reinventions became part of my other essays: “Composing My Further life”. My theme became: “You can’t grow clinging to the status quo.”

This revival of my reinvention themes is a way of reminding me to  continue theprocess and to encourage others to consider reinvention. This review of the way I reinvented me is not saying this is the way you should reinvent you — or even that you should reinvent you. It is fun for me to relive some of my self-renewal processes and it may be interesting to others and maybe even useful. What might be useful is sharing three of my change strategies that became part to my renewal process.

Do different things and do things differently

To renew of course means to change. Two possible ways to change are 1) do different things and 2) do things differently. During the 42 years of reinventing I did different things. For example: from keynote speaking to writing blogs. And I did some things differently. For example: from enjoying nature backpacking in the wilderness to enjoying nature by walks in nature at the local beach and in the local mountains.

 Stop – Start – Continue

During workshops I often proposed the renewal strategy of Stop – Start – Continue. During my 42 years of reinvention I applied this strategy to myself. For example: I will obviously stopmeeting with friends and relatives who have died because I can no longer do so. I will stopcomplaining about being older and stoppointing out the disadvantages. (although this is easier said than done).  I will startnoticing the virtues of my age: more freedom to choose what to do and how to do it; more wisdom from life experiences, fewer obligations. I will continuewriting but seeking a difference audience (doing things differently). I will continuewith my outdoors activities as long as I can.

I realize this review may be more of a benefit for me than for my readers. I wanted to emphasize the importance of avoiding growing up by reinventing oneself: Reflection, review, reinvention, renewal. Try it; you might find it a process of self-discovery and self-renewal.

When you’re green you’re growing. When you’re ripe you’re not.  Ray Kroc

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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    Be grateful for all your blessings! Count them sometime ! Amazing Grace !!



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