Where Have You Gone?

 Information is not knowledge. Albert Einstein

In 1993 I identified “infomania” as one of four future neuroses that becomes a disability and inhibits creative decision making. *  Info-maniacs worship facts. My point was that info-mania was a disability in the Information Society because craving more information when you are already drowning in it makes the desire dysfunctional.

Twenty-five years later I wonder where the info-maniacs have gone. Maybe we need more people craving information. Today there are a lot of people, even many politicians, who ignore facts and invent alternative facts. And they worship their inventions. Their inventions are usually misinformation (false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive,dictionary).

This blog is a call to action to people who seek “real facts”. We know they are there because they are beginning to make noise and act. There will always be people who create misinformation and who are devoted to it. But we have never had such a president. Therefore, those of us who aren’t the president, or fact adverse politicians, or closed-minded voters devoted to misinformation, need to act.

But there is a caveat. Be aware that maybe worshiping information is going too far. Sometimes facts become out of date, obsolete. Information does not guarantee knowledge. Appreciating facts with an open mind (rather than worshiping them) is a requirement in today’s world of constant change, new information glut, political disorder and technological overload. You have a world where closed-minded, unyielding attachment to facts, information and truth is a disability.

What is needed now is seeing information with an open-mind, which makes one receptive to new and different information, and to change. Facts become fiction, truth becomes extinct, rules become passé. Changing one’s mind (beliefs, opinions, convictions) will be a required skill in the future. A worship ofcertainty (closed-mindedness)is today’s disability. It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble; its what you know for sure that ain’t so, Mark Twain. Enter positive uncertainty!

“Reverse Paranoia” another of my four future neurosis, was posted as a blog June, 24, 2015. Paranoia is the belief someone is following you and is out to get you. Reverse Paranoia is the belief that you are following someone who is out to lead them. Today the question of leadership is a big issue, which I don’t need to describe. What the world needs now is not someone to lead us, but for all of us to become leaders. My call for action is aimed at open-minded, active change agents.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world, Mahatma Gandhi.

*Future Sense, THE FURUTIST, Sept – Oct – 1993, (Future Phobia, Paradigm Paralysis, Info-mania, Reverse Paranoia.)


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2 Responses to “INFO-MANIACS”

  1. Marianne says:

    You covered a lot in this blog. Who would have ever believed how accepted false information, right out lies, would become. Certainly our president doesn’t seem to know fact from fiction. and more people seem to fall into the same methods. Maybe this is a good time to really develop open-mindedness. It seems especially important in the process of trying to figure out fact from fiction.
    What an era we are in. Frightening,actually.

  2. Eugene Unger says:

    Have you noticed that. Baseball is being dominated by Data!😱😢 it’s becoming what you describe . All knowledge no Wisdom! Slow enough without more facts crowding out the beautiful play of the game ! See you at 9 in LG. G



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