Hope Won’t Work

 The future depends on what we do today.  Mahatma Gandhi      

 Hope is not a method; it needs to be turned into action. Today the majority of the population believe that America is in a crisis. The crisis is the direction the government is heading — away from American values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness and the practice of democracy. Today, fear and anger, like hope, won’t solve the crisis. What is needed now is defiance, bold resistance. You don’t just sit there; you DO something.

The good news: The future depends on what we DO today. The bad news: The future depends on what we DO today. It is bad news because people usually prefer hope, fear and anger to action. This blog is a call for more action.

The United States of America, a country of the people, by the people and for the people, is starting to take shape, and take action. They talk, write, march, gather in protest; they let it be known that they disagree. If ever there was a time when the people need to act, this is the time. People in this country and around the world are beginning to do something.

It is helpful that politicians running the country today are saying and doing things that just beg for negative reaction. It’s very hard to just sit there and take it. I know my blog is not bold resistance, but it is what I feel able to do, and makes me feel I might be contributing. Each of us has our special way to do something. Since the election, every day you can count the many ways people are taking action. Even some republican members of congress are beginning to do something, or at least say something.

The politics of today is heading in the direction away from established American values, policies and practices and is cause for alarm. Standing by and watching our current government lead us in this direction, won’t work. If we can imagine, or even visualize, the future our government is heading to, we are likely to want to do act.

Today many people are taking non-violent, peaceful action to protest the direction America is currently heading. What we do today will determine our future direction.

Apathy, like hope, fear, and anger won’t work. To have a country of diversity, equality and inclusiveness will require the people taking action to create it. Today.

The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.                                 John Schaar, Futurist

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.                                                                          C.J. Jung



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  1. Marianne says:

    Very good “call” to action. It is hard to know what to do to actively resist what is going on in this country. It is true that you are not just resisting but putting out provocative discussion points. It is helpful to have your example as a way to “stand up”. S very scary time.

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