The Key To Open-Mindedness

 You can’t grow clinging to the status quo.

 It is said that curiosity killed the cat. It could also be said that curiosity keeps humans creative. Curious is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. Creativity is defined as the ability to produce original and unusual ideas or make something new or imaginative. Curiosity and creativity are two sides of the same coin; they both result in change and they are both associated with uncertainty. People like certainty; and people only like change in others. This blog is a reminder of the open-mindedness of my positive uncertainty “philosophy”.

So curiosity and creativity are a mixed bag of change and uncertainty. Curiosity means asking questions but most people like giving answers. Creativity creates change but most people don’t like personal change. So why is being called a curious or creative person a compliment? These terms are compliments because of their dictionary definitions. The desire to learn Is a valuable and respected trait. Imagination, originality and unusual ideas are highly regarded in others.

Curiosity and creativity have been key concepts in my writing about Positivity Uncertainty and The Process of Illumination. The status quo is the current situationthe way things are now. Things would stay the same without curiosity and creativity. Open-mindedness is another key factor in producing change. I have been promoting personal change: Become as capable of change as the environment. But I am not the only one:

Our heads are round so thoughts can change direction. Francis Picabia

We must continuously unlearn much of what we have learned, and learn to learn what we have not been taught. R D Laing

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Change your thoughts, change your life. Wayne Dyer

Be open to outcome, not attached. Angelis Arrien

Change happens; it happens to us and by us. Changing your mind isn’t a crime and changing your mind changes you. You can’t grow without change; you can’t learn with a closed mind. Recommendation: With an open mind, have the curiosity to look for change in the status quo, and have the creativity to cause change in the future.

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