Has Been Invaded

This blog was inspired by sports writer Scott Ostler’s article,                                                  “Politics and sports now inseparable” in the SF Chronicle, Jan. 26, 2017

The Trump thing — has inspired worldwide a whole new level of fear, outrage and determination to get involved.   Scott Ostler *

It appears that the separation of politics and the real world is coming to an end. The whole world is getting involved. For example: The sports world — has either evolved or developed into a forum for political and social thought, talk and action, Scott Ostler. Ostler points out that in the past politics was an island and sports was another island. He reports examples that today, professional football and professional basketball players and coaches have spoken out about current politics. This is unusual. Sports probably has not been the only other island; perhaps also business, science, arts, education, etc. It seems possible that our country has been made up of multiple islands, rather than a collection of united states.

I thought this article on the sports page offers a metaphor that might be useful. (I know I have a bias for metaphor). The political island is not only separate; it is composed of similar inhabitants with similar beliefs and experience. Islanders speak in terms of “us and them, insiders and outsiders”. Outsiders are invaders of “our” territory.

I believe there are other examples of what is happening outside the island of US politics, in America and the whole world. Protest marches all over the world include women, scientists, students, citizens of all color, race, economic and social background, etc. And this is only the beginning. Other countries are protesting, some politicians (inhabitants of the island) are even objecting.

At the risk of overdoing this metaphor, I think you could say that congress is made up of two islands, democrat and republican. And I would suggest that Trump is an island himself with one inhabitant. Trump has totally separated his island from the real world.

It appears that politics may no longer continue to be an isolated island. “Determination to get involved” is the key point in the opening Ostler’s quote. There is beginning an invasion OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. And American Democracy will not perish from the earth.



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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    It will be interesting for all Americans. Sports ugly underbelly is all about money power and therefore politics of the highest level !



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