And Today’s Political Values?

Make American Values Great Again

 Our democracy was founded on a set of values that became known as American Values”. Today there are a variety of lists of these values. I have taken the following short list from a Goggle search. You may want to modify this list.

Equality; Diversity; Civility; Inclusiveness; Fairness; Democracy.

This blog is an attempt to bring our American Values into the political dialogue. For example, when we think about or observe some political action or discourse, we can ask, “What American values are represented or violated? Democracy itself is a value and sometimes overlooked or distorted. It is obvious that the value of equality is often violated. I believe these two examples are hard to dispute.

My point is that in addition to debating what is the right thing to do for the economy or for our international well-being, we should consider how it relates to our American values. Is it acceptable to violate some of our values in order to gain economic or international advantage?

I realize this might be proposing fantasy or “pie in the sky’ thinking.  But because I believe it is agreed that America today is in a period of values turmoil, some unreasonable idealistic thinking and doing may be necessary. Much has been accomplished in American history with unrealistic objectives.

Maybe if we took some of these American values one at a time and inserted them into a specific political action or speech, we could learn something about our current political values. Because what we decide to do is determined by what we want or value, a person’s decision making is a clue to his/her values. A value is defined as:

  • the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
  • a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.

By these definitions, we behave according to our values. The way to determine what someone values (or what you value) is to look at one’s behavior. What we do is what we value. What politicians and voters do, tells us what they value. Do you see any of these American Values in their behavior? Equality; Diversity; Civility; Inclusiveness; Fairness; Democracy. Can you give examples?


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  1. Marianne says:

    Your blog addresses such an important factor in looking at what is currently happening in the White House. I realized the other day, when I was wondering exactly why I get moved to tears sometimes when I read of the dysfunction in our country’s leadership, my values are being so attacked. I know that is what happens when one’s values are not adhered to—and this is just what is happening. Our American Values are under attack. At least I have thought the citizens of this country adhered to those values, but now I see such a large number of people do not believe in them at all.

    We will be in ca. March 7 through April 4 any chance the few of us left can get together for the Wisdom Group? and can you meet with us again?

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