Imagine –  Then Create A Better Future

I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist.   Max Lerner

Possibilities is defined as qualities that could make something better in the future (Dictionary). Thinking possibilities is what Max Lerner calls being a possibilist. The future is not predetermined, not predictable, but it is persuadable. People who try to persuade the future to be more positive are possibilist. That is the theme of this blog.

Possibilities are about the future; decision making is about the future. The future doesn’t exist; it needs to be created. You have two choices: create it or let someone else create it. If life is a journey, as we are told, then we need to focus on the inner journey. The inner journey is an inner process (our inner technology). It is our image of the future and it  is significant and consequential. The way you see the journey will determine the way you travel the journey.

Although the future doesn’t exist yet, it can be found right behind our eyes — in our image of the future, our imagination. Our image of the future may be the most important factor in determining what the future will become. I believe one can make the case that our collective image of the future is the most important factor in determining the future of the world. Remember my positive uncertainty “mantra”: The minute you make up your mind that the way you see things makes a difference, it will make a difference in the way you see things — and do things.

To create the possibilities of making something better in the future exist, you have to be able to imagine them. You need to be able to see future possibilities. Future phobia (fear of the future) and reverse paranoia (the belief you are following someone who is leading you) are common belief systems that interfere with the ability to see and create future possibilities. These have been the messages of my writing for years.

This blog is encouraging readers to be a possibilist, rather than a pessimist or an optimist. A possibilist is good at imaging possible futures, and then deciding if they are desirable and possible to create. Are you a possibilist? Can you describe your image of the future?

I used to ask what’s wrong and how can we fix it?                                                                    Now I ask what’s possible and who cares?   Marvin Weisbord



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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    Of course we can think positive thoughts! It’s what we try to do when things fall apart ! Often when we least expect it !! Planning is good ? Enduring is courageous! Whom do we turn to? We will see how you and I do when the going gets tough. When feelings flood, Faith is the high ground.

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