It Could Become A Habit

The mind is like a parachute; it doesn’t work unless it is open.                                             Frank Zappa or Albert Einstein or others?

A habit is a pattern of behavior acquired through practice and frequent repetition. If you read the definition of being closed-minded, it might motivate you to practice open-mindedness: Intolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others; unreceptive to new ideas; synonyms: unpersuadable, dogmatic. To be unpersuadable and dogmatic is to be unable to change one’s mind. This is indeed a serious handicap. If your mind is closed to new ideas and unchangeable, how do you learn? Our heads are round so our thoughts can change directions. Francis Picabia

The positive consequences of open-mindedness are many: uncertainty, curiosity, asking questions, changeability, possibilities and receptivity to different opinions and new ideas. It leads to learning, unlearning and creativity. To understand open-mindedness and uncertainty, ponder the dictionary User Panel’s note on the term certain: Although certain appears to be an absolute term, it is frequently qualified by adverbs, such as fairly certain.

So to be fairly certain is to also be fairly uncertain, not totally closed-minded. This little loop-hole or “opening” is encouraging. Is this like being a “little open-minded”, somewhat receptive to new ideas and to some degree tolerant of other opinions? I think it is obvious that it is a serious disadvantage to be totally closed-minded or absolutely certain — so even being a little open-minded is better.

Being open-minded doesn’t happen automatically. It involves paying attention to what is going on in your mind; this takes practice. To become a habit, open-mindedness requires routinely asking questions about what you believe, what you are thinking and what you know for sure. It means having the courage to challenge your convictionsPractice paying attention. Be the witness of your thoughts.  The Buddha

When your parachute doesn’t open, your future possibilities are not positive. When your mind isn’t open, how would you describe your future possibilities?

Keeping the mind open in the face of uncertainty is the single most powerful secret of unleashing your creative potential.  Michael Gelb





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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    How do we know our mind is open? Does talking about it make it so ? Does thinking about it make it so? Do we know when to be closed minded is better for us ? Can we vote in a presidential election with an open mind? Does asking mindful questions indicate an open or closed mind? Hmmm. What am I 😓?



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