Can You Describe It?

Dictionary definition of worldview:

The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world; a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.

After reading the above definition of worldview, can you think of anything more important to the future of the world than the collective worldview of its inhabitants.? Some of the biggest problems of the world today are caused by human belief systems. Can you deny that? Or can you give examples?

I believe that a person’s beliefs, perspective, and interpretations about the world represent one of most influential factors in my life, your life and the life of the planet. Let me count the ways a worldview is influential: It is —

  • An organizing principle, a philosophy
  • A fixed way of thinking or habit of mind
  • A mental template into which we try to fit events and information
  • A lens through which we see the world
  • The way we see and interpret the world determines how we treat the world.

My worldview is important to you and your worldview is important to me because the way we see things has consequences for others and the planet. Without this worldview (personal perspective, mental template, habit of mind), we would be lost in an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world. When events and information don’t fit into our worldview, we reconstruct, ignore or distort the facts rather than change our minds. Change often requires crisis or trauma.

But one’s worldview is usually hidden from view. A personal, unconscious, habitual worldview is so comfortable and involuntary (like auto-pilot or default position) that most people don’t see the need for looking at their perspective or beliefs, although they might like to discuss the way other people see things. The purpose of this blog is to stimulate readers to think about the way other people see things, and therefore decide to look into their own way of seeing — and the path their beliefs are taking them.

Beliefs are like cow paths. The more you walk down a path, the more it looks like the right path to go. Richard Brodie in Virus of the Mind.

I try to make my worldview perspective open and inclusive, paying attention to the interconnectedness of everything, and being aware of how my beliefs become my behavior. I may not always succeed. I have described my collection of beliefs many times in my 100 blogs. Try to describe your worldview perspective. What are your beliefs about life and the universe? Are you aware they become your behavior? Is it important for you to know the way you see things?

The way you see things is the way you see things; it is nothing more or nothing less. But it is the beginning of everything.

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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    Good one H!😄 good day today. Tomorrow is a new day. We will see what we see. Gene



  2. Marianne fontana says:

    Good new way of looking at you “seeing is believing” message, and effect on our worldview.

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