Composing My Future Again

Composing a life involves an openness to possibilities and the capacity  to put them together in a way that is structural sound.     Mary Catherine Bateson

Here I go again, writing about how I will create the next part of my life. In 1997 I wrote a series of essays titled “The Reinvention of H B”. Also I published “Future Sense, Creating The Future” in The FUTURIST Journal in 1993 and recently in several Blogs on “Creating The Future, One Worldview At A Time” and “How To 4 – C The Future. In 2011 I wrote a series called “Composing My Further Life”, reinventing H B again and again. Now once again, at age 88, I am beginning a series about how I will design the rest of my life.

Pleasure, purpose and perspective are being written about a lot today in the popular literature. Happiness (pleasure), meaningfulness (purpose) and belief systems (perspective) are getting a lot of press. I find it hard to understand this reading because of the many conflicting definitions and interpretations of the words and the concepts. For me, pleasure means subjective quality of life, with an emphasis on subjective. Purpose is an intention or a goal. (What I plan to do or achieve.) Perspective is a point of view, pervading attitude, mental outlook (the way one sees the world). I believe pleasure, purpose and perspective are often linked, related.

However, the key word here is perspective. I believe my perspective will be the key to creating some pleasure and purpose in the process of growing older. How I think about the rest of my life (perspective) will determine how I live the rest of my life. And my perspective is my choice.

I am writing this for me, expressing my thoughts of reinventing my perspective for composing future pleasure and purpose. I prefer the concept composing (borrowed from M. C. Bateson) when thinking/writing about my future because it implies personally arranging parts into a whole and leaves room for improvisation (to invent on the run, without preparation). And it is going to be my composition.

I share this in case it might be of interest to others thinking about the rest of their life. It might even encourage some to think about their perspective. My questions now: What beneficial perspectives will help me get pleasure and purpose in the rest of my life? What actions or practices will I stop doing, what will I start doing, and what will I continuing doing? While putting these parts together composing this future, I need to stay open to possibilities.



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  1. Carl Thoresen says:

    Hi HB

    It’s time for us to have coffee
    @ Peet’s. Are you game?

    Be Peace,

    Carl E. Thoresen
    Professor Emeritus
    Stanford University

    Chair, Board of Directors
    CPP, Inc.

    408 656 5628


  2. My life satisfaction depends on being able to hit zero errors on the tennis court. So far I am miserable. John

  3. says:

    Your highlighting “perspective” was very useful to me.  I think Al and I are beginning to fall into the perspective of life ahead as worrisome, full of a lot of “what if’s”.  All of them are from a negative view.  I think it will be good for us to try to change our perspective of the future.   Sorry not to reply about breakfast, but I think Monday the 16th would be the best for us.  So same time and place? 9:15 at Jim’s. Marianne

  4. Gene Unger says:

    Thanks H. Good thinking! Gene

    Sent from my iPad


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