Happiness Is In The Pursuit

The shortest distance between two points is always under construction.                                                                                                                         Murphy’s Law

If life is a journey, then that is where we should we seek life’s happiness. Getting there is half the fun. It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive, Japanese proverb. Focusing on the pursuit to find happiness will be a hard sell because our culture is so goal-oriented. But the journey should be as much a process of discovering goals as achieving goals. Research has shown that achieving desirable outcomes often doesn’t produce happiness.

For me, it is not the outcome that brings happiness or well-being, but it is in the pursuit, the journey, the seeking. We have now come from seeking meaning to finding meaning in the seeking, Daniel Boorstin. Because my journey to the future is on a road never traveled, detours should be part of my “planned” journey. In other words, my journey should always be under construction. Detours provide side trips or spontaneous excursions, which often lead to new discoveries.

This future sense strategy is about open-mindedness and a willingness to change plans. Change and creativity are two sides of the same coin. Creativity is needed to respond successfully to change. And creativity, in turn, results in change. To avoid change is avoiding creativity.

The reason for this future sense strategy is because I believe most people in life’s journey avoid detours, avoid changing plans. They focus on a destination and want to get there fast. It takes time to smell the roses, which is like taking a detour, getting off the freeway and discovering new territory, maybe even a new destination. It is being willing to “construct” a new journey.

Detours will happen; most of them are not planned. But maybe some of them should be. If you get sidetracked you may end up somewhere else, and somewhere else may be where you wanted to be but didn’t know it. Or you may simply enjoy traveling the detoured path.

 Here are some statements and quotes to support my strategy.

  • Open-mindedness is the best teacher.
  • Use goals to guide you not govern you.
  • Plan and plan to change your plan.
  • What we are seeking so frantically elsewhere may turn out to be the horse we have been riding all along. Harvey Cox

Do you consider yourself open-minded? Are you receptive to change? Do you consider your happiness to be in the goal or the search? Are your rules of the road rigid or are they open to change? How often have you changed goals?

Stay tuned for more future sense strategies.


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  1. Eugene Unger says:

    The journey is the joy! There is only one destination. Expect less and find contentment along the way.



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