Creating The Future Begins In The Mind

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters

compared to what lies within us. R. W. Emerson

My belief that I can create or influence my future resides in my mind. This is where my future journey will be created. My creating will depend on my believing. This Future Sense strategy is about reflection and subjective beliefs. It is the inner journey, searching inside myself for an awareness of what lies within me — what is going on in my mind. I believe this determines if and how I create my future. There is no “out there”, independent of what is going on “in here”.  Fred Allan Wolf

By definition, the future doesn’t exist; it needs to be created. You and I have two choices: create it or let someone else create it. First we have to believe that we can create or influence it. “If you think you can you might. If you think you can’t you’re right”. Beliefs are really rules for action, William James. Or they are rules for inaction. I believe my image of the future (a mental picture, a belief) may be the most important factor in influencing what my future will become. In this sense, the future lies right behind my eyes, what is going on “in here”.

The reason for this future sense strategy is because I believe that people either believe they can’t create the future or they are on autopilot, making decisions without reflection, without thinking about what is going on in their minds; looking outside, not inside. I don’t want to be on autopilot. Pausing to reflect, with a focus on my inner journey, helps me become aware of what “lies within me”. This is where my future can be influenced/created.

Here are some statements and a quote to support my strategy.

  • Beliefs are the software of your mind’s eye.
  • Beliefs become behavior.
  • Paying attention to what is going on in your mind is mindfulness.
  • It is going to be our minds (cultural evolution) not our genes

   (Biological evolution) that creates or destroys our positive future.                                                                                             Peter Russell

How often do you pause and reflect? Do you believe you are responsible for the way you see things? Do you think most about the journey or the destination? How would you describe your beliefs about the future? What is your focus on the journey to your future?

Stay tuned for more Future Sense strategies…

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    HB, let’s meet and talk about your thoughts. In SF. Having fun

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