A Belief That Creating The Future Is Possible

The future is not someplace we are going to, but a place we are creating.                              Futurist John Schaar

The future doesn’t exist, never did and never will. When it happens it becomes the present and then quickly becomes the past. But there it is, in our mind’s eye, and everyone wants to get there. The pull of the future lives in our lives, in our hopes, dreams, fears, dreads and expectations. You could say the future is always in the future and therefore it is always uncertain. Navigating a journey to an unknown future that doesn’t exist presents some interesting challenges.

This new category of posts is about my “ future sense”, a belief that I can influence it. This belief/perception/intuition or sense makes me want to expand my presence in the future. William James explains my point of view: I will act as if what I do makes a difference. I believe what I do can influence what my future will be.

Believing that influencing the future is possible requires three beliefs about the future: 1) the future is not predetermined; 2) The future is not predictable; 3) The future is persuadable. The third belief is obviously necessary. And the third belief is only true if one believes the first two beliefs. If one believes the future is predetermined, then it is not persuadable because it has already been determined. If one believes the future is predictable, it can’t be persuadable or it wouldn’t be predictable. I believe the future is persuadable and I want to influence its creation.

“Life is a journey not a destination” is a useful metaphor because it helps me think of my life as a process not an outcome, a series of actions and changes; which means it is what I am doing, not where I am going. Although these posts are about my future sense, I hope they encourage readers to consider what makes “future sense” to them, if they believe the future is persuadable.

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7 Responses to MY FUTURE SENSE

  1. Gene Unger says:

    H, a good friend of mine said,” don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring troubles of its own ” .We need to live our best life today! Tomorrow, I’ll try to do it again. Is planning for my future futile? Only if I don’t want to be there when and if it happens. Will there be God inspired adjustments? Count on it! Our daily survival relies on it! Ever been under General Anesthesia? Potentially life threatening? Both of us have been there. Did we plan to awaken? We are still here! Did we effluence the outcome? God said ” thanks for your input” God loves us both and wants the best for us! Sometimes however it’s not what we would have chosen.

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  2. Betsy Collard says:

    Wow! Profound. B

    Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 23:27:29 +0000 To:

  3. Eugene Unger says:

    One of your best H.



  4. “It doesn’t matter what you believe. The only thing that matters is what you do.”

  5. says:

    Interesting new slant to your ideas.  I do believe we can influence the future—seems one can point to a lot of instances when one makes a decision that changes what the future might have been.  Sometimes we don’t know or think about that.  I can think of any number of decisions I have made that changed my life as it was heading—example following my love for Al to move East.  Good choice, I’d say.  But life for me and my family would be a lot different if I had not made that choice. Marianne

  6. Robert Leon says:

    Partner, We predicate our lives on belief in the future. I suppose a suicidal person sees no future. Your friend must believe in the predetermined future. It will be interesting to see his comments. With politics being what they are it is difficult to think about any rational thought process.

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