My Thoughts Become My Reality

I think, therefore I am. Rene’ Descartes

 Descartes made this idea famous many years ago. And although since then it has been written and talked about a lot, I bring it up again because I think that thinking is losing its prominence. Its prominence is crucial to my “Positive Uncertainty” philosophy and my “Process of Illumination” strategies.

Thinking makes you and me what we are. What we think determines what we do, and what we do is who we are. I realize I am not what I preach; I am what I practice. What I do speaks so loudly, others can’t hear what I am saying. And what I do is the result of my thinking, believing, perceiving and imagining.

The prominence of modern technology has made me THINK about its effect on thinking. Is texting replacing thinking in playing the prominent role in human attention?

It could be that people are paying so much attention to their iPhone, Facebook page, and a Twitter account and so engrossed in their social technology that they find it hard to “be alone” or to think about their thinking. Instead of pausing to reflect, to think, to dream, to imagine or to look inward, they look to the outside.

But this is not me. I may be a minority, and the one out of step. Should I be more concerned about me being out of step or try to get others to be more concerned about their ability to reflect and look at their own thinking? For 25 years I have been on a mission to expand our collective worldview to be more open and inclusive. No one can expand their worldview if they are not able to look at it.

Maybe modern technology is changing the way we think about thinking.

Before technology:

There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Shakespeare

I think, therefore I am. Rene’ Descartes

After technology:

There is nothing good or bad, but texting makes it so.

I text, therefore I am.                Modern “philosopher”





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2 Responses to WHAT I THINK IS WHO I AM

  1. Eugene Unger says:

    Very good is my thought!!! At sjc



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