Where Am I In All Of This?

Part of me will always be — part of nature and part of human nature.

My interconnectedness to human nature goes something like this: I am unique, just like everyone else. Part of me is different than anyone who has ever lived, like an individual snowflake. At the same time part of me is the same as everyone else, and part of me is the same as some other people, sharing some similar human qualities. All of those thoughts are awesome. Human nature is defined as the sum of qualities and traits share by all human beings (Dictionary).

Most of my writing has been about the advantageous qualities and traits of human beings, promoting the philosophy of positive uncertainty and the virtues of being open-minded and inclusive. This writing somehow makes me feel a little connected to human nature.

My thoughts about my interconnectedness to nature are not so clear. Nature is defined as the forces and processes that predict and control all the phenomenon of the material world. The world of living things and the outdoors (Dictionary). All my life I have loved the outdoors, spending time enjoying the wilderness and other parts of nature, including:

  • Back packing in the wilderness; car camping with family
  • watching the waves hit the shores of a bay or lake
  • enjoying rafting or canoeing down a river
  • climbing a mountain or seeing it from afar
  • observing the shoreline with its mashes and wetlands
  • enjoying the outdoors in United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand
  • skiing in California, Colorado, Canada and Italy
  • visiting the state and national parks
  • hiking the High Sierra Loop and White Wolf Camp above Yosemite
  • etc. etc. etc…

I am in awe and wonder over and over again during these experiences with nature and while writing about human nature. My feelings of awe and wonder involve an astonishment and admiration of the magnitude and complexity of this universe that I am part of. I have many questions and not many answers about how and why I am part of all of this.

I have often said that nature is my church, part of my spirituality. It is not my religion; I don’t have a religion. I believe nature is intangible, tangible, material and spiritual. Nature and human nature combine to influence what I do with my life. Yet I believe I have some role to play in creating my future. I see my connection to human nature and nature as real but inexplicable. I don’t fully understand it yet and I am not sure if anyone ever does. I am comfortable with this not knowing and will continue to be in awe and continue to wonder.




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  1. says:

    I enjoyed this.  You are talking more about a depth of you rather than thoughts and ideas.  Maybe one gets to the depth by going through the steps of ideas and thinking about our intellectual processes.  Being “in” nature whether physically or observational is where I feel connected to my spiritual side.

    See you Wed.


  2. Gene Unger says:

    Your best writing!! We should all be in awe of nature! And,in a God who loved us enough to create it! God will always love you HB regardless of what you do or not do. Where does Nature come from ? Can something so so awesomely beautiful just occur from natural selection? God hates religions ! He sent his son Jesus to give us relief from religion . Then men decided to go back to religions that control us . Jesus died trying to help us. So here we are trying to change God and His plan. All that work as empty as His Universe we love in by Gods unconditional Grace. HB , go back and read Jim Houston’s writing that his wife shared with us. We will not figure out the universe, ever. Trust Faith go , love in awe and Grace. Your friend who also love you just the way you are. Gene

    Sent from my iPad


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