Changing Your Life And Mine

Two worldwide trends are radically changing the way you and I see things and changing the way we do things. The way you and I see things influences the way we do things; but the way we do things also influences the way we see things. Two trends are changing that: the Internet and the Inner-net Revolutions.

  • The Internet Revolution: a change in the way we see things “out there”  Technology is the arranging of life so that one need not experience it. Anon.           Does the use of Internet technology mean one is experiencing life less directly?

The Internet Revolution is the technology and computer revolution that you already know about.It has changed the way we see information, the workplace, office, home, store, other people, other nations, and even how we see human relations. Our entire outside world is seen differently. And we behave accordingly.

  • The Inner-net Revolution: a change in the way we see things “in here.”          Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. William James Does looking inside mean one is more capable of altering one’s attitude of mind?

The Inner-net Revolution is the term Jean Houston used to describe the emerging trend of people looking inside in reflection, meditation, contemplation, and using their intuition, imagination, creativity — changing their worldviews, altering attitudes and beliefs.

The Internet is obviously big (e.g. “Big Data”). But the inner-net is getting bigger. Today shelves in bookstores are full of new books on the brain, the mind, human consciousness and decision making. Some of these are best sellers.

To asses where we are, I suggest we both ask ourselves: Which revolution am I most familiar with? Someone who is part of a technical startup company and someone who is a counseling psychologist focused on decision making will probably answer differently because the answer depends on the context of one’s life experiences.

My guess is that you are paying most attention to the Internet, because I believe most people are. If you know me or read my blogs, you guess I pay most attention to the inner-net. Of course none of us pay attention exclusively, because the two trends are not separate but interconnected. The interconnectedness should be explored more.                 There is no “out there” out there, independent of what’s going on “in here”                                                                                                                    Fred Allan Wolf

Here are some other possible questions: For example:

  • How many hours a week do you surf the Internet or engage with your computer? How much has that time increased from a year ago?
  • How much time do you spend looking at the way they see things, in reflection, meditation, contemplation, and using your intuition, imagination, creativity? How much has that time increased lately?
  • Which of these are you most comfortable with, most knowledgeable about?
  • Which of these do you discuss the most with others — or read about?
  • How will each revolution create a wiser worldview- a better world?

This blog is not promoting one trend over the other. I believe we need a balance between the Internet, the inner-net and the rest of life’s reality. Too much Internet focus can cause “cognitive overload”. Too much inner-net focus can cause indecisiveness. But has one trend gone too far to expect balance? Maybe so.

Following is a guru cartoon I have collected of unknown origin:

            Seeker: “What is the meaning of life?’                                                                                                High-tech Guru: “I don’t know. The computers are down.”



































523 words



However, in my opinion, although the effect of the inter-net is powerful, it is the Inner-net that gives us the most power to begin the world again — to create a more open and inclusive worldview.




How often do you go to the computer for information, advice, knowledge, ideas, answers to questions, solutions to problems, conversations with friends?



Does your use of computer technology mean you are experiencing life less directly?


How often do you go “inside the mind” for information, advice, knowledge, ideas, answers to questions, solutions to problems, conversations with yourself? Does your looking inside mean you are more capable of altering your attitude of mind?




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  1. Robert Leon says:


    I think you are ever the optimist and that is a good thing. I cannot see any real evidence of an “inner net revolution.” Convince me. Happy Birthday Bob

    Sent from my iPad


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