One Worldview at a Time

Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.  Jim Dator

Today 71% of Americans believe that the direction the world is heading is not where they want to go. If we don’t change directions, we will surely end up where we are heading. This makes creating a positive future urgent. You and I have two choices: create it or let someone else. I believe we can create a positive future for everyone and the planet if we develop a majority collective worldview that is open and inclusive. This would be a powerful decision making force for changing the direction we are heading. My statement may sound ridiculous, therefore it may be useful to consider.

The usefulness of this idea is that each one of us can contribute by expanding our personal worldview to be more open and inclusive. Thus we are expanding the new collective worldview one worldview at a time. A worldview is defined as “an overall perspective from which one sees and interprets theworld; a collection of beliefs about life and the universe.” My worldview is important to you and your worldview is important to me because our worldviews determine the way we see things and do things, which has consequences for others and the planet — and the direction the world is heading.

An open worldview is one that is open-minded, receptive to new and different ideas. An inclusive worldview is one that sees interconnectedness and interdependency, not exclusiveness. I think it is obvious that most individuals and most social/cultural groups in the world today do not have an open and inclusive worldview.

The first step in creating this positive future is to believe we can. And we need to realize that it is our minds that are responsible for our worldview, and the world’s future. “It is going to be our minds (cultural evolution) not our genes (biological evolution) that creates or destroys our positive future.” Peter Russell

Because we have more influence over our minds than our genes, we are in a position to do something about our worldview and the future — if we believe we can and if we care enough to want to. Instead of predicting what the future will be (the direction we are heading) we need to imagine the future we want and then collectively create it.                 The future is not some place we are going to,but one we are creating.  John Schaar

If not you and me, who? If not now, when? The reason for now is that it can’t be done sooner. I imagine you still believe my proposition is ridiculous. Can you imagine it might be possible?







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  1. Tivo says:


    I agree with you to a great extent. The conditions of urgency brings stress and a biological impact of fight/flight and/or freeze. I would say it’s urgent and that we can have positive expectation that the future will happen it just happened yet. Fully embodying the future allows us to presume and ground in the better possibility and from there to update in order to move from the future to now.

    We can also change our genetics with all the insights from epigenetics where our internal state of mind and being fires off our genetics differently depending on if we live inside of stress and trauma or wellbeing and resilience. Bruce Lipton has so much to say here.

    Thanks for your articulation and the direction that a better future is possible.



  2. Gene Unger says:

    HB, taking friends to airport on tues. I should be available by 9:30. What do you want to do ? I am positively uncertain

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  3. Gene Unger says:

    Sorry my friend, not in this world ,not in this lifetime or any other lifetime. Man is essentially a selfish beast. It’s hard to choose to overcome,and may be a survival behavior to complicate matters additionally. Oh well oh my oh darn

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