How To 4-C The Future

Choice – Creativity – Change – Connectedness


The World Future Society tells us the future is not predetermined; it is not predictable, but it is persuadable. Therefore, making future sense is not preparing for the future that is predetermined or predicted but imagining the future we want and persuading it to happen.


The future hasn’t happened yet. Future sense tells us how to 4C it and create it. But the Choice is up to you. Creativity and Change are two sides of the same coin. Creativity is needed to respond successfully to change and creativity results in change. And because everything is Connected, this tells you that you can’t create the future by yourself. You are connected to others and no one of us is as creative as all of us.


Choice: Whatever you do or don’t do about the future, you still can’t avoid making a choice because: Not to decide is to decide, (Harvey Cox). But you can choose to be a creative decision maker using positive uncertainty.


Creativity: You can’t avoid creativity, because if you don’t create your future someone else will create it. Creativity is the expression of originality and imagination. The question is: Who’s creativity will create your future? If not you, who? If not now, when?


Change:  You can’t avoid change because change happens by you and change happens to you, In other words, change happens. But you can become as capable of change as the environment.


Connected: You can’t avoid connectedness because everything is connected to everything in an unbroken wholeness. Although you can’t see or know everything, you can expand your view by imagining and visualizing the connectedness.


In one sense, the future lies right behind our eyes, in our image of the future — which means we can do something about it. We can employ the 4-C’s to collectively create the desirable future we imagine.



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