Accept Uncertainty and Be Positive About It

Change today is constant; it brings uncertainty, and it offers opportunity. Being uncertain is being open-minded and is the best way to learn and be creative. Being certain is being closed-minded and eliminates opportunity. The key is to accept uncertainty but not be paralyzed by it.

Keeping the mind open in the face of uncertainty is the single most powerful

secret of unleashing you creative potential.  ~ Michael Gelb

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2 Responses to Accept Uncertainty and Be Positive About It

  1. Gene unger says:

    Hello my friend HB. Just got back from Tenn. Family fulfilled and bodily tired. Certain we are blessed. Uncertain of how many more times we can make the trip. Open minded because such outcomes are Gods business. Certain in my faith that what ever He decides is best . Open minded because am am content with my life as it unfolds. Full life is a blessing. Enjoy while we can! Health is elusive. Don’t be surprised by any of life’s challenges, health or otherwise. Friendship is a jewel to be cherished. Our wonderful loving wives and families are blessings beyond our expectations! I am certain of these things. I am content. Your friend Gene

  2. Marianne says:

    H B, I started to say it is hard to stay uncertain, then I realize that is not true today. Because life is in such flux now, almost in every area of life, I find I am not certain that what I see or hear is true. The only thing I am certain about is my care and love of Al and family members. I am certain about my caring feelings for friends like you and other close friends. So maybe it comes down to the fact that the only thing I can say I am certain about is/are my feelings of caring and love. The rest of what goes on outside of me is really a mystery as to truth of what is presented.

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